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  • Transport yourself to the breathtaking landscapes of the renowned Dutton Ranch with the Official Wax Melts of Paramount Network's hit show Yellowstone. This wax melt comes in 2 iconic scents:


    CAMPFIRE SUEDE: Features a unique blend of soft sandalwoodwarm vetiver, and white suede, creating a cozy and inviting aroma that evokes memories of sitting around a campfire under a starry sky. 

    Style: 96480


    PINECREST RIDGE: The scent of crisp apple adds a zesty burst of freshness to the fragrance, while the refreshing aroma of pine trees brings to mind the majesty of the forest. The sweet undertones of fir balsam add a touch of warmth and comfort to the overall scent, creating a perfectly balanced fragrance that will fill your home with a sense of riding through the trees on the Yellowstone Ranch.

    Style #: 96478

    Yellowstone Wax Melts

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