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Inspired by the bold and undeniably one-of-a-kind Beth Dutton. The perfumer looked to the vibrant personality of Beth, as well as the breathtaking landscape of Yellowstone, infusing bold fruits with sexy florals, warm woods and a touch of sweet decadence. Crafted for the knowing woman who has a plan for everything, is nobody's baby, stays a little dirty and makes it clear that you're the trailer park and she is the tornado!

Womens Yellowstone Fragrance

SKU: 087327012961
NOTES of Wild Huckleberry, Fresh Peach, Peony Petals Shooting, Star Blooms, Cottonwood Expertly crafted fragrance by one of the world's finest perfumers Composed of exquisite raw materials, creating a unique signature as only Yellowstone could inspire Hand stained pine wood cap etched with the "Y" brand
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