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Scout Boot Care. Variety of Colors Available. 1.55 oz. Jar Boot Cream. Revitalizes the Color of Leather. Moisturizes Leather for Longer Life. Hides Scuffs and Scratches. Quick and Easy to Apply. Recommended for Smooth Leathers Only. NOT FOR USE ON SUEDE OR NUBUCK. Made in the USA. Scout Boot Cream by M & F Western Products is a favorite for boots, fine saddlery, shoes and other smooth leather materials. It revitalizes the color of the leather and hides the scuffs and scratches from every day wear. You'll keep your leather boots and shoes looking their best with a quick polish now and then.

Scout Boot Cream

SKU: 701340073081
Application Instructions: Read manufacturer's warnings before use. Follow the care instructions as directed on the label, when in doubt, do a small test patch before treating the entire item. Protect items around your work space prior to use.