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3/8 Super Sct, 5 strand, Braided Core. 100% Nylon.

No rules. No Limits. Braided cores, unique constructions, and rich colors.

All of our Chaos ropes feature a braided center core. Our purple (and new black cherry!) as well as our kelly green are 5 strand ranch ropes, while our black/yellow and red are 4 strand ranch ropes. Our 5 strands are very smooth and feel awesome, but if you’re looking for the most durability for your money, our 4 strands will outlast our 5 strands, and the larger diameters will outlast the smaller ones. Why? A 5 strand rope has smaller strands with less fibers per strand making up the same diameter rope as the 4 strand rope — and the larger the diameter, the more fibers in the rope overall.

Cowboy Cordage Open Range Chaos Ranch Rope

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